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It feels great (like coming home kind of great) to have been more creatively productive recently. I love having a finished project and pattern in my hands, knowing the process it took to get to that moment. Usually I have a whole lot of projects underway at once, with all of them at different stages. We all enjoy the beginnings of a project don't we? Well, I sometimes get a bit stuck in the "exciting beginning part"... the excitement of a new idea and then another one, leads me to patterns half written, designs half stitched, ideas sort of played with then put aside. And that's kind of where I was for most of last year.

In recent months though, I've gotten a little strict with myself... its been more about the finishing and less about the beginnings.
I'm slowly working though my ideas and bringing them to the finish line. And that makes me happy. In fact, I think its just as exciting as the "exciting beginning part".
I wonder if the neighbours saw my little happy dance, when these patterns arrived on Friday.

Introducing "Daisy Dance - Needlework Keep" ~

A compact yet pretty way to store and carry your needlework essentials.
Finished size ~ approximately 6" x 7 
½when closed.

Daisy Dance 1

Late last year I was given a wonderful bundle of Fat Quarters to play with by Two Green Zebras... two beautiful fabric ranges by Tilda named Apple Bloom and Spring Lake.
"Daisy Dance ~ Needlework Keep" uses 3 fabrics from the Spring Lake collection, combined with a subtle off white print from the 2014 Bread and Butter range by Lynette Anderson and beautiful woolen flannel and thread from Cottage Garden Threads.

2015-05-05 23.27.47

Daisy Dance ~ One Day In May

All the embroidery in "Daisy Dance" is stitched with just one skein of variegated thread... stranded 210 Tropic Sea by Cottage Garden Threads. The tones compliment the Spring Lake fabrics perfectly, don't you think? The daisy panel on the cover has the added features of woolen flannel leaves and double-sided fabric leaves. The double-sided fabric leaves are simple to create and are only partly attached to the panel. This allows the leaves to sit up a little from the background and cast a small shadow, giving the panel a dimensional quality. Over time, the leaves also fray just a little, adding another textural element.
The daisy panel design is also suitable as a standalone project. Simply add a border and binding or a small frame.

Daisy Dance has a double fold, allowing for 3 panels, inside and out. This means plenty of pockets!
Lift the cover and you'll find a large pocket, perfect for a little fabric, notebook or even a small needlework project you're working on. To the right you'll find 6 pockets, perfect for thread storage, no matter the packaging style.

Daisy Dance ~ One Day In May

Open the needlework keep completely to reveal more... a home for a fabric pencil and a divided patchwork pocket (under the butterflies) for buttons and other notions. To the right there's another tall pocket for an applique glue pen, small ruler or tapemeasure. There's also a place to attach and store your embroidery scissors and two needlekeeps for your pins and needles.

Daisy Dance ~One Day In May 2

Daisy Dance ~ One Day In May 7

In the centre, two butterflies play, “...and they danced amongst the daisies to celebrate the Spring.”

Daisy Dance ~ One Day In May

Daisy Dance ~ One Day In May

I couldn't leave the back cover plain, so added a little friend there too.

Daisy Dance ~ One Day In May

Here's a look at the outside of the keep when fully open...

Daisy Dance 8

"Daisy Dance ~ Needlework Keep" patterns have begun to arrive in stores.
I will edit this post to add stockists as I become aware of them.

For now, you can purchase a PATTERN or FULL KIT from  The Patchwork Tea House.
The kit includes all fabric, threads (for embroidery and ties), woolen flannel, fusible stabiliser, fusible webbing, freezer paper, batting and button.

Patterns are also due to arrive today at Mrs. Martin's Quilt Shop. Please email or call Karen to order.
Patterns are also on there way to Stitches from the Bush. Please email Perri to order.

If you are a store and would like to stock "Daisy Dance", please email lori@patternpress.com.au to place an order, as "Daisy Dance" won't be on the Pattern Press website until Helen's return from the US, in late May.

Daisy Dance 8

As always, the pattern includes full sized pattern sheets and comprehensive instructions, with lots of photos and illustrated detail.
I hope you enjoy "Daisy Dance" as much as I have.

To celebrate the release of "Daisy Dance", I have TWO patterns to giveaway!
Would you like one?

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post. If you feel like it, tell us what kind of neeedlework you enjoy.
I'm a bit partial to embroidery. Can you tell? Actually, I do love needleturn applique a whole bunch... and dimensional work.... ok, so I can't choose. 

National and international entries welcome.
Entries close at 
10pm on May 11th,  Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Winners will be drawn randomly on May 12th.


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