Baskets in Bloom Giveaway!
May Love Grow Here...

The Winner and A Little Progress

From far and wide you came... Germany, Canada, The U.K., U.S.A and more. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter my Baskets in Bloom giveaway! It was lovely to read your comments and I'm sure Gail will enjoy them too. You are right, Gail is very one very talented individual. Her designs are timeless and are enjoyed and stitched by so many.

And now for the winner! There were 73 entries in all... and lucky number 56 was drawn! Counting from the top, number 56 is Gayle A.! 

Gayle commented ~ Wow Melissa, these fabrics are beautiful. Really like the subtle tones. The little birdie that told you has flown all the way to Hervey Bay to tell me! Yes, of course I would love to win this stash, will use yours and Gails patterns. love love love competitions like this, regards, Gayle

Congratulations Gayle! This beautiful bundle is all yours! I will email you shortly for your address.

Baskets in Bloom winner

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the many messages of encouragement and understanding you've sent since my post last week. They mean so much to me, and I'm feeling quite settled in this process of finding my way forward. I've enjoyed blogging again (it must be quite a shock to the inboxes of those who subsribe via email!!). Sharing here and on facebook has helped me feel reconnected to that creative part of me. There has been a renewed determination, which feels great... but with smaller tasks and easily accomplished goals.

This weekend I worked on 2 of my projects in progress.
I spent many hours with this little robin on Saturday. He's been underway for many months now, but wasn't quite "robinish" enough. Saturday was his day! He went from tall and skinny to squat and chubby, happily perched on his branch and ready to stitch.

Robin red breast ~ one day in may

The goal for Sunday was to complete the final project for an upcoming pattern, "Heartfelt Trio" and to take step by step photos for the pattern.

The three projects all use the same floral heart as a feature panel. The panel can be embroidered with any of three sentiments, "Family", "Home" or "Welcome". I've loved combining semi-detached applique with felted wool, embroidery, applique and patchwork.

Heartfelt Trio Peek ~ One Day In May

The little flowers are simple to make and add a wonderful dimension to the projects.


Happy stitching until next time,