On a personal note...
A little bird told me...

A 15 minute experiment...

I thought I'd begin my attempt to "restructure" my working life (see yesterday's blog post) by conducting a little experiment.

My aim is to return to regular blogging. The goal is to achieve a blog post in 15 minutes while Hannah plays with something stimulating alongside me. Today's sensory activity for Miss H is a kinetic sand called "Sand in Motion" plus "tools" for her to experiment with. Wish me luck the timer is on!! :)

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NOW... let me formally introduce you to a pattern I've completed this year. Those of you who follow One Day In May on Facebook have most likely seen this design already...

Daisy Chain Mobile ~ to delight little girls

Daisy Chain Mobile 4 One Day In May

I wanted to create a project for a nursery, bedroom or playroom. Often we'd like to give something we've made to celebrate the birth of a baby or a little one's birthday. I thought it might be nice to offer an alternative to a cot quilt, play mat, cushion or softie. I also wanted to make something to decorate Hannah's room that would catch her eye.... something that moves and turns... something colourful... and of course something a bit sweet. 

A Daisy Chain Mobile One Day In May

Daisy Chain Mobile is 115cm (45") long and combines a few different elements, each of which is made by hand. A great project for evening stitching on the couch.

~ The flowers are made with layers of double-sided fabric and felted wool. Double-sided fabric is so very simple to make and is one of my favourite things to use in a project.

~ The leaves are also made with double-sided fabric and felt. The leaves are folded and stitched at the base, to give them a slightly curled look.

~ The mobile also includes 4 Garden Friends, each one embroidered in a different colour and attached to a felted wool disc.

Each of the elements is attached to a length of variegated ric-rac, creating a pretty feature that hangs easily from a window pelmut or ceiling. The mobile spins and twirls with the slightest breeze.

Daisy Chain Mobile 2 One Day In May

Daisy Chain Mobile is available through you local patchwork store. You can find a list of stockists in the left side-bar of my blog. If you are a store who would like to stock this and other One Day In May designs, please get in touch with my lovely distributors at Pattern Press.

(And there you have it, my first attempt at a 15 minute post! Not a complete failure... but I definitely didn't make the 15 minute goal... and I might have a little sand clean up to do... hee hee. Stay tuned for my next attempt!)

Until next time...