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Just a little bit of sewing...

After dropping in on the girls at the "Stitch In" held in Warburton by The Patchwork Teahouse today, I had the itch to stitch this evening...

A very small project, mind you. Just a scrap of soft and pretty fabric (from the range "Life is Beautiful" by Helen Stubbings of Hugs 'n Kisses) and a piece of leftover elastic. 15 minutes later and Hannah has a little headband.

I don't think my model is necessarily a willing one. She was just caught at a vulnerable moment. : )

Hannah's headband

I have to say Hannah had a very big day. And, she carried herself beautifully at the "Stitch In". She slept through the happy stitching chatter of 120 ladies, had lovely cuddles with Gail, Libby, Jennifer, Marilyn, Liz and Jo... and tolerated the drive to Warburton and home again without a peep, bless her!

PS. It was so lovely to receive the many emails and blog comments welcoming our little girl into the world.
Thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to comment and for your congratulations and well wishes. xxx

She's here! Introducing our little Hannah...

We have been truly blessed...

On the 24th of October,

our little girl was born.
Hannah Elise

...a very special addition to our family and little sister to Asher and Lydia. 

She's a little dot of a babe.
at just 2.850 kg / 6lb 5oz.

Our first 10 days together have been spent taking in and celebrating the little things...
trying to commit these precious moments to memory in all their detail and wonder.

As you can imagine, I have so many photos that I would like to share... too many in fact. So, I have simply chosen a few of my favourites.

Some final bump photos on the 23rd, the last day of my pregnancy.

23 10 2012 The evening before Hannah's birth 6

Early morning, Wednesday the 24th of October, we finally meet Hannah face to face...

Hannah Elise G 24 10 2012

Sweet sleep...

Sweet Sleep

Hannah's first bath. Such tiny toes...

Hannah's first bath 4

All rosey-cheeked and happy to be dry again.

Hannah's first bath 2

We quickly discovered that the 0000 sized clothes we had organised were going to be too big for our little girl, so DD (doting Dad) headed to the shops to find a premmy outfit for her to wear home.
Didn't he choose well? So sweet! Tiny booties, hat, suit and jacket... a perfect fit, but we still had to roll up the legs! : ) 

Hannah's homecoming 9 ~ 29 10 12

On Monday, we headed home to begin our life together.

Hannah's homecoming 3 ~ 29 10 12

For now, that means little sleep, endless loads of washing and hours of lovely cuddles while getting to know each other.

Rosebud lips ~ Hannah

A blessing indeed.

Just one more, that I simply must share. One of my favourite photos was taken by our 17 year old daughter.... a special moment between sisters.

(It's a little hard to see as it was taken in low light, but priceless nonetheless.)

Lydia and Hannah 2

Until next time,