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For the Love of Violets...

Isn't it funny, how we sometimes don't notice things until we see them in a new environment!

Just after my 15th birthday, I travelled to Germany to spend a year on exchange.
The family I lived with had a lovely home with a large semi-landscaped meadow and pond at the rear of the house.
At the time, I was completely amazed at the array of "new" flowers that were completely different to what we had in Australia!!!
I eagerly picked and pressed many little flowers, taking note of their English, German and Latin names. I couldn't wait to speak to Mum and Grandma and share my exciting floral discoveries with them! 

Well it was a little embarrassing! It turned out that most of my "amazing discoveries" were also growing in our very own back yard!
The Crocus, Queen Anne's Lace, Forget-me-nots, Snow Drops... and even Violets.
It would seem that this whole new, exiting world of botanical discovery, was only new to me! Too, too funny! But still, it was a new love that still hasn't waned.

Violets 1

One of my very favourite blooms is the violet! Such a fragile little flower, springing from a bed of heart shaped leaves.
From white through to a deep purple... big 1 inch beauties to tiny, two toned native varieties. I love them all!  

This week saw the release of a new, violet themed One Day In May pattern!

For the Love of Violets ~ Hexagonal Pincushion

This sweet pin cushion celebrates the humble, but "oh so sweet" violet.

OD14 For the Love of Violets - pattern cover

The top of this pincushion features simple embroidered motifs, and a dimensional cluster of double-sided, fabric violets, felt leaves and leaf curls.
The techniques used to create the leaves and blooms may also be used to embellish many other projects... quilts, bears, dolls and more.

For the Love of Violets - flower leaf detail

A decorative piece, this design is also functional... with 3 small pockets, to store your packets of needles, embroidery scissors, threads and other notions.
Each pocket is embroidered with a rather round and happy bumble bee, created with just 3 stitches... back-stitch, satin stitch and French-knots .

For the Love of Violets - bee pocket closeup

For the Love of Violets - bee pocket

The other 3 sides feature lovely, gathered fabric to add texture and compliment the fabric used for the violets.

For the Love of Violets - gathered side panel

The back of the pin cushion is pieced with triangles and pulled in at the centre with a coordinating button.

For the Love of Violets - back of pincushion

“For the Love of Violets” is a small but fun project full of technique variety.
For those who like to combine their love of embroidery, patchwork, dimensional embellishment...
... and of course violets.

For the Love of Violets 2

This new pattern is available for stores to have shipped now.
So please check availability with your local store or the stockists listed at the top left of the blog to purchase.
The patterns are also available to purchase online, on the One Day In May page of the Hugs 'n Kisses online store.
You'll find "For the Love of Violets" towards the bottom of the page. Hugs 'n Kisses ship both within Australia and internationally.

Hoping your day is a happy one,

It's time...

Hello everyone... it's been a while!

Actually, it's been almost 3 months since I've dropped into the blog, and I must apologise for keeping some of you wondering.
I've been taking a bit of a breather to rest and to deal with a few tricky but maneagable pregnancy issues. It's been a little hard, putting most of my work and stitching goals aside for a while (it's not easy to resist the stitch!!!). But, Baby and I have had to come first, and I know my health and stitching days will return shortly...
... very shortly in fact!
I'm booked in for a c-section in just over a week, so you can imagine the anticipation and excitement we are feeling as we count down the last few days.

Little socks make for a happy washing day! : )


But first (partly due to my overwhelming urge to nest and organise), I MUST draw the winners of a pattern giveaway.
The winners were meant to be drawn in July I'm afraid, and I'm feeling pretty neglectful of you, putting the blog on hold for this long. But, better late than never!

So here goes...

Congratulations to Sarah Scott and Susan N.! You've each won a copy of my "Sweet Roses" pattern.

Sweet Roses combo

Sarah Scott said:
Hi Melissa I've only recently discovered your designs through the Hugs n Kisses website! I really love the Sweet Roses design it has a lovely vintage feel to it.
Can't wait to see what you design next.x 

Susan N said:
'Sweet Roses' elegant & timeless! Lovely! Thankyou for the opportunity to win Melissa.
Congratulations to Marina and Gayle Allen! You've each won a copy of my "In a Pear Tree" pattern.
Marina said:
Have just found your blog after purchasing your waterlily dreaming pattern. Can't wait to make it. I love your partridge in a pear tree stitchery and would love to enter your giveaway.
Am off to see what other loveliness you have created.
Gayle Allen said:
Hi Melissa, I have had fun doing the Waterlilly, and am now working on the roses, so would love to win In a Pear Tree, after that the birdies are next in line.
Many thanks for your fabulous talented designs, Gayle Allen
I'll email you all shortly for your addresses and send hubby down to the post office! : )

While stitching has been in short bursts, I do have 2 new patterns to release that were designed for special online events earlier in the year.
So, stay tuned as I'll tell you all about those in the next few days!
If you follow One Day In May on Facebook you've probably seen these new designs already... I tend to loitre in the land of Facebook more frequently at the moment.
Pop on over and join us for a bit of fun and if you'd like to keep up with the very latest updates.
To purchase the above patterns or any of my designs, please visit my stockists listed at the top left of the blog or check out the Hugs 'n Kisses online store.
You may just find a brand new One Day In May pattern down at the bottom of the page!

A special thank you to those who have sent well wishes and enquired after our "baby bump progress", and to all of you for your understanding and patience with my time away.
Melissa xx