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Two finished faux doilies... must be time to show you properly!

I've been very, very close to completing the next doily of my series for a couple of weeks now. But you know how it is... life has other plans and sometimes the plans I've actually made have to be put aside for a while.

This weekend I finally managed to pick it up and finish those last few French knots! Yippee!

But, before I reveal the 2nd of the series it's probably a good idea to show you the first properly!
Many of you will have already seen a peek of "A Doily for Annabelle". Here it is in it's full glory.

A Doily for Annabelle 1 ~ One Day In May

The 3 faux-doilies included in my "Thankful" quilt pattern have caught the eye of many a stitcher, so I thought it only right to head back to the drawing board and design a few more!

Each has it's own central design.
Annabelle is filled with beautiful blooms, teardrop shaped leaves and spirals of French Knots.

A Doily for Annabelle 4 ~ One Day In May

Each "faux-doily" also has it's own special edging.
Annabelle is edged with simple scallops of back-stitch and satin-stitch.

A Doily for Annabelle 3 ~ One Day In May

And what better use for a "faux-doily" than to turn it into a real doily! Backed with more pretty background fabric, edged with French knots and lightly quilted a little in from the outer edge... Annabelle is ready to add a hint of "pretty" to any room.

A Doily for Annabelle 2 ~ One Day In May

I've named the second doily of the series "A Doily for Bessie". We've been delving into our family tree a lot recently, and Bessie is my Great Great Grandmother. I thought it only fitting, that this doily be for her.

"A Doily for Bessie" is a square design with a hint of curve (I'm sure that shape has a real name, that we probably learnt over my school years... but it is long forgotten I assure you.)

A Doily for Bessie 1 ~ One Day In May

Leafy twigs, tiny flower buds and fully opened blossom surround a central "square with a hint of curve". The satin-stitch makes the little buds seem ready to burst open, don't you think?

A Doily for Bessie 4 ~ One Day In May

Bessie is trimmed with a lacier looking edge than Annabelle, but it is just as easy to stitch with asimple combination of blanket stitch and a variation of lazy-daisy.

A Doily for Bessie 3 ~ One Day In May

Bessie has been backed and finished with French knots and quilting, in the same fashion as her sister.

A Doily for Bessie 5 ~ One Day In May

I'm looking forward to stitching the other 2 in the series... "A Doily for C...?" and A Doily for D...?"
Looks like I have some more family tree research to do.

The patterns for these two designs will be available in then next few weeks.

Happy stitching,

Melissa  x

As Roses Bloom, as created by Ane in Brazil!

A little while ago, I received a wonderful email from Ane, a dear blogging friend in Brazil. Ane has been following my "One Day In May" journey from the very beginning... and has left countless, treasured comments here which have been filled with uplifting words of kindness and encouragement. Thank you Ane!

I was tickled pink to see Ane's completed "As Roses Bloom" quilt! It's such a thrill to know that someone so very far from here is enjoying a design I've created.
Ane has kindly given her permission for me to share her photos with you too.

I was especially excited to see Ane's own unique additions to the design. Where I have placed two panels of script, Ane has added 2 beautiful, dimensional butterflies, each with a lovely quilted trail behind them. Each butterfly has begun it's flight from a beautiful stitched flower.

I feel so fortunate to have discovered new quilting and stitching friends from across the world... an unexpected and truly wonderful bonus to beginning "One Day In May". If you would like to visit Ane's blog... click HERE for the link.

I'd like to invite you to leave a comment, to let us know where you are from. We'd love to know! Please also share a link to your blog if you have one, so we can visit you too.

I've been teaching "As Roses Bloom" at Foothills Fabric and Threads this term and have thorougly enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to sharing some photos from the class with you. The "As Roses Bloom" pattern includes instructions for both the quilt and cushion. Kim is making a beautiful deep burgundy quilt. Diane and Marg are creating some gorgeous cushions in lovely creams and blues. 

If you'd like to see my "As Roses Bloom" projects, you can find the photo albums here and here. If you'd like to create a quilt or cushion of your very own, please take a look at the "One Day In May" stockist list at the top left of the page.

Thank you for visiting today,

Melissa  x


Feel like joining me for a weekend?

This year I will be participating in two very exciting events at Country Hart Designs.

On April 28th and 29th, Helen Stubbings of Hugs 'n Kisses and I will both be teaching at this years "A Weekend In Creative Company".


Follow this link for more details and to register...
If you have touble with the link, try copying and pasting it to your browser address bar.

There will be 2 gorgeous One Day In May projects and 2 gorgeous Hugs 'n Kisses projects!! to create. And Helen and I are very much looking forward to spending some quality stitching time with the girls!
Here is a tiny, tiny peek of one of my projects sitting on my favourite cream quilt! (A big tease, I know!)

Weekend In Creative Company sneak peek

The second event is just as exciting... and you can participate from home! But, you will have to be quick to register, as registration closes in the next day or two.

This year's Project of the Month program, brought to you by Country Hart!
"Secret Stitcher's Business"
which will feature many of Australias most loved designers designing 10 wonderful project for you in 2012.


Designers participating this year are Helen Stubbings of Hugs and Kisses, Natalie Bird of  The Birdhouse, Gail Pan, Natalie Ross, Lynette Anderson, Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly, Liz Stanway of Teddlywinks, Amanda Bergamin of Seebreeze Quilts, Leanne Knell of Petals and Patches and Robyn Welsh of Country Hart Designs.

The program will run over
10 months
beginning with the first Mail out on
March 25th 2012

Feel like joining in?
For more information or to register (how could you resist?) follow the link...
If you have touble with the link, try copying and pasting it to your browser address bar.

I'm busy sketching and pattern writing today... but am most definitely distracted!
Dreaming of playing with these!

Blues and greens

Until next time,

Melissa  x