Sweet Valentine...
A peek of the first in a new series...

1950's ~ Style, Colour and Inspiration!

When you think of an era, what comes to mind?
Is it the fashion, the decor, the music? For me it is colour!

I realise that an era cannot be defined by one colour palette, but when I think of the 1950s, these are the images that spring to mind.

1950s Home Journal Cover
Cover of Australian Home Journal December 1952. image source

1950s advert
A 1950's advert for telephone and essential matching address book!
image source

1950s bathroom
Got to love the high heels/dressing gown combination!
image source

1950s ovens
Early 1950's green Wedgewood Stove! Image source
Gorgeous pink General Electric washer and dryer. Image source

1950's kitchen cupboards
What a beautiful collection of 1950s kitchen cabinets. I don't think I could choose between them, if I had the chance to pick one.
You can see more at Made for you by Mrs Woo.

And let's not forget dressmaking...

1950's sewing patterns
I love the illustrations ~ promoting the ideal waistline, posture and glamour in addition to beautiful designs!

image 1 sourceimages 2,3 and 4 source

And I would be remiss if we didn't mention those pretty, essential sewing notions...

1950's French grosgrain ribbon
Beautiful 1950's, French grosgrain ribbons found at Such Pretty Things.

But, this is the item that would be at the top of my birthday wish-list if I were a 1950's girl!!

1950s Elna sewing machine
You can find lots of vintage machines including this one at Sew Muse.

 So where does this lead me?
To a new collection of small patterns of course!

1950s inpsired fabric choice ~ One Day In May

I recently popped into Lily Lane in Rosedale, Victoria. What fun we had choosing these fabrics together, inpsired by all things 50's!
My plan is to create four brand new "faux doily" designs with these sweet prints, the perfect addition to any 50's home.

Until next time,

 Melissa  x