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"Thankful" ~ a new quilt design from One Day In May

What a fabulous day it has been at Australian Quilt Market... catching up with dear friends and meeting lots of new ones too.
Now that market has begun, I am able to show my new design in full.
{click on the image to see a larger photo}
  Thankful Poster ~ One Day In May
This quilt has a vintage feel with a whole lot of romance...  dimensional roses, a little lace and lovely “faux doilies”... all created in soft and subdued tones. If you'd like to take a closer look at the individual blocks... you can find them here, here and here.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the combination of techniques this design explores... as I hope you will. 

"Thankful" will be available in stores, in just a couple of weeks. For purchase, please check my stockist list (at the top left).

My sincerest thanks, to the many readers who have shared this creative journey with me... 
Until next time, 

Melissa  x

Thankful... Blocks 5 and 6

Before I embark on a busy, busy 2 days... I wanted to show you the last 2 blocks of "Thankful".

Block 5 reflects the hearts and roses of Block 1 and Block 3, with the addition of a lace-trimmed, dimensional bow. The "Thankful" panel is embroidered with a gorgeous variegated thread and is framed either side with some more rouching.

Thankful Block 5 ~ One Day In May 1

This heart is 2 toned, bordered with a lighter fabric.
French knots surround the heart as in the other panels, helping to give the overall design that old world feel.

Thankful Block 5 ~ One Day In May 2

The final block... Block 6, has 2 panels.

Thankful Block 6 ~ One Day In May 1

Stitchery, lace covered fabric and reverse applique make up the first.

Thankful Block 6 ~ One Day In May 2

And the other features a third "faux doily".

Thankful Block 6 ~ One Day In May 3

As you can see, each block has loads of technique variation. I wanted to create a project that was fun to create. There is a lot of hand stitching, which I love to do of an evening. Do you? Sometimes, it can be quite hard to put it down... "just one more stitch" frequently evolves into a very late night here.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing Blocks 1 to 6, over the last few days.
I'll be back tomorrow, after our first day at Australian Quilt Market, to show you the whole quilt!! 

Until tomorrow,

Melissa  x

Thankful... Blocks 3 and 4

Today is set up day at Australian Quilt Market. Sleep was a bit elusive overnight, but we've risen to a beautiful morning here in the hills, and I think we're ready.

Are you ready to see the next two blocks of my new Block of the Month?
In case you missed it... you can see Blocks 1 and 2 of "Thankful" here.

Block 3 would have to be my favourite. Well, for today at least.

Thankful Block 3 ~ One Day In May 1

A lovely old fashioned banner, some soft and pretty rouching and a heart bursting with dimension. This block has such a romantic feel, don't you think?

Thankful Block 3 ~ One Day In May 4

Block 4 is like Block 2, and has 2 panels.

Thankful Block 4 ~ One Day In May 2

One with lace covered panels, reverse applique and some simple stitchery...

Thankful Block 4 ~ One Day In May 5

The second features some rouching and a pretty appliqued "faux-doily"...

Thankful Block 4 ~ One Day In May 1

There are just 2 blocks left to reveal.
I look forward to showing them to you over the next day or two.

Until then, and in a state of Quilt Market eagerness,

Melissa  x

Let's begin the big reveal... or... "Thankful"

This Saturday, designers and distributors from across Australia come together in Melbourne for Australian Quilt Market. It's quite exciting to be attending this year with Pattern Press... it will be my first AQM as one of their designers. It's a wonderful event, where patchwork stores are able to see everything that is new in the world of quilting and order for the coming year. This year at AQM I will be launching my very first Block of the Month design...

“Thankful” ~ a six part Block of the Month

This design is a reflection of the year that has been ~ the colours that I've been drawn to, my experimentation with fabric flowers, a love of dimension... and the things that I have been thinking about as I stitch.

Here is Block 1... a combination of fabric roses, ric-rac roses, leafy ric-rac loops and needleturn applique.

Thankful Block 1 ~ One Day In May 1

As you know, I love to embroider. So there is lots of stitching too.

Thankful Block 1 ~ One Day In May 2

Block 2 is actually two panels...
One has an applique "faux doily", the other features reverse applique. A little stitchery and some lovely rouching bring lots of visual and textural variation to the panels.

Thankful Block 2 ~ One Day In May 1

The faux doilies are such fun to stitch and would also make a lovely framed piece, don't you think? I've been thinking about making some as gifts.

Thankful Block 2 ~ One Day In May 2

I have really enjoyed the creation of this project... 
"Thankful" will be available for purchase in a couple of weeks. If you are coming to AQM this week, please stop by the Pattern Press stand to say hello.

I'll be back in a day or two, to show you the next two blocks...

Until then,

Melissa  x 

A "little reveal"...

Today, I'm so excited I could pop!
This afternoon I took a little drive to pick this up from a very talented lady in Warrandyte, who has added her own creative touch to my newest design.

Quilted 1

I figure by now that most of you have guessed what I've been working on over the past months...
I'm really not good at the whole patience thing, and have been absolutely busting to show you the littlest of looks at my finished project.

Quilted 2

Keep an eye out for the "big reveal" next week.

Giddy with creative satisfaction,

Melissa  x

One last peek...

What a week it has been. I seem to have a list as long as my arm and haven't quite been sure where to start. Instead of prioritising, which takes head space and the capacity to decide, I've simply done whatever I feel like at the time.
As long as I'm able to cross something (or things) off the list at the end of the day... I reckon I'm making progress. There's been a little pattern writing, design tweaking, late night fabric selecting, umming and ahhing, reselecting and a lot of stitching.

Which means I can now show you the third and final "faux doily" for my project. All stitched and ready...

3rd doily 1 One Day In May

Satin stitch fills each leaf... adding just a hint of dimension and some detail to catch the light.

3rd doily 2 One Day In May

I wanted the third design to offer a contrast to the other 2 doilies (found here and here).
After lots of sketching, I decided on quite a "pointy" embroidered edge, combined with the overall shape of a "rounded-diamond".

3rd doily 3 One Day In May

Well, there have certainly been a lot of previews to this new One Day In May design... and this last little photo is the final sneak peek.

Ric Rac Roses ~ One Day In May

I've enjoyed sharing the creative process with you and am almost ready to put the whole lot together. I can hardly wait to show you the finished project. It will be my very first.....

You didn't really think I would tell, did you? ; )
It won't be long I promise.

Until then,

Melissa  x

A second doily design complete...

A few weeks ago, I began stitching a set of 3 "faux doilies".
You can see the one I started with here.
I've had the other two patterns sitting... calling to me in fact... since I finished sewing the first.

Finally, over the weekend, I embroidered this second doily and am really happy with how it looks "in the flesh".

2nd doily 5 One Day In May

Just 2 stitches are used for the central design and the lacey edge, keeping it simple to create... back-stitch and satin-stitch. 

2nd doily 2 One Day In May

The creation process for this project has been quite a lengthy one. It has been an in between project, filling the spaces between other design commitments.
The techniques and styles I'm combining tell a story of the year that has passed... the colours I have been drawn to, the little design elements I have experimented with and my overall attraction to all things vintage.
I'm enjoying this journey and the laying out of the different elements. Seeing them all come together makes me even more eager to stitch. It's like looking forward to the next page in a book.

2nd doily 3 One Day In May

2nd doily 4 One Day In May

Today, I am busily stitching the third "faux doily" design.
Will I be able to stop at three?
I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't be able to give up the habit.

Until next time,

Melissa  x