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I Am Blessed... and... Let's See Who Won!

Well... I am absolutely overwhelmed. Such a HUGE response to my little contribution to the wonderful event that was Sew Mama Sew! May Giveaway Day. I was expecting a few extra visitors than normal, but was stunned to see an extra 1200 of you in just 3 days!! You guys are amazing!!!

And, oh the lovely messages you left... I feel so blessed with your words of encouragement and kindness. Thank you to each and every one of you. Some of you have also joined me over at the One Day In May Facebook page which is extra special, as it gives me the chance to see your smiling faces and interact with you more personally. I love how the quilting community has grown through these online facilities... it makes the world seem that much smaller than it was not so very long ago.

One Day In May playing with dirty reds and beige
( just a little peek at what I've been stitching today )

So, time to draw the winners!! We had 110 entrants (which I am still getting over). To be fair, I'm using to find the winning comments.
Here goes...

Comment number 25 and the winner of the Waterlily Dreaming ~ Needle Keep pattern is Kate!!

Waterlily dreaming needle keep 1
Winner 25 for sew mama sew giveaway 
Kate said... Both of those are stunning! I'd love to try either, but the Waterlily is just calling to me.

Comment number 74 and the winner of the A Cornflower Gathering ~ Table Runner pattern is Serena!! 

A Cornflower Gathering - Table Runner One Day In May 8
Winner 74for sew mama sew giveaway 
Serena said... Wow, what beautiful patterns! I think I lean towards liking the Cornflower one just a tiny bit more. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

Congratulations Kate and Serena!! I'll be sending you an email shortly. I hope you enjoy creating your very own versions of these One Day In May designs.

Thank you again to everyone who entered... I hope you will come to visit again. If you missed out and are still itching to receive a pattern in the mail, check out the Stockist List over on the left. Some have online stores.. you will find them all lovely to deal with and happy to help.

Until next time,

Melissa  x

Adding dimension to your projects and "Sew Mama Sew!" May Giveaway Day...

Yippee! Today is May Giveaway Day,
courtesy of Sew Mama Sew!
I'm thrilled to be taking part and at having the opportunity to meet some new visitors...

Have you considered using dimension to give added depth to your quilt blocks, wall hangings and other projects? I love pushing the boundaries of "normal patchwork design" and can't resist experimentation... Trying to discover new ways to use fabric and notions in a quilt, is what I call I fun day!

3D flowers are a favourite of mine. Different petal shapes and ways of putting them together create endless possibilities... I love the way the dimension seems to catch shadow, bringing a visual variegation to the fabric, that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Using dimension  1 One Day In May

Semi-detached "flat" fabric gives a more subtle effect. This felted wool leaf and the lily leaf used for needles, are both attached at the base only. This allows for the leaf to lift for access to a hidden pocket or simply to add depth. You can also see some pleats on the right. I added these to a border recently, which added a textural quality as well as the depth I was looking for.

Using dimension  3 One Day In May

Do you have a stash of pretty trims in your sewing basket? There are so many beautiful variations of ric rac and other trims available. Spiralling them into little flowers or flower centres is a great way to use them. A little loop on top of a leaf can also give an interesting effect...

Using dimension  3 One Day In May


Adding texture and depth to quilt borders can also create a lot of interest.
"A Cornflower Gathering ~ Table Runner" features gathered borders. They are lovely to run your fingers over. I've also tried to give the borders a variegated look, by including many fabrics of one colour with varying tones and highlights...

Using dimension  4 One Day In May

So, on to the FUN!!

I have 2 "One Day In May"patterns to giveaway, so there will be 2 winners! Both patterns combine simple machine sewing, applique and stitchery with an added dimensional feature.

One Day In May, Creations by Melissa Grant ~ patterns for auction

If you'd like to try something a little different for your next project, please leave a comment on this post.

Simply say which pattern you would like to win; "A Cornflower Gathering ~ Table Runner" or "Waterlily Dreaming ~ Needle Keep". Take a look at the photo albums on the left if you'd like to see more detailed pictures.

Please make sure you are contactable by commenting with an "ID" or by leaving an email address. Leaving an anonymous comment, means I can't contact you if you win. Entry is open to everyone, whether you're from around the corner or from across the sea.
Entries close at midnight (Australian Eastern Standard Time), May 26th. Entries are now closed.

Sewmamasew MayGiveawayDay
Make sure you check out Sew Mama Sew! for other "May Giveaway Day" links. 

Thank you, so very much, for visiting One Day In May today. Please refer to the stockist list at the top of the page (on the left) if you would like to find my patterns for purchase. Some stockists sell online, if that's what is needed. Wishing you lots of "blog browsing fun" over the next couple of days.

PS. To follow this blog, please subscribe over on the right (just look for the picture of the postman).
One Day In May is also on facebook...
please CLICK HERE to visit me there!

Until next time...
Melissa  x

A new design in the works... (and One Day In May sees Salt Lake City)...

Its been a little while since I've checked in and I thought you might be wondering what I've been up to...

Dimensional Bird Applique 1 One Day In May, Creations by Melissa Grant
I've always had a love of birds in design. Whether it be a painting, cushion, coffee mug, fridge magnet, quilt (of course), or even a tea-towel, if there is a bird on it, it's instant attraction!! I thought it was about time One Day In May had it's own little bird ~ with dimension of course.

Dimensional Bird Applique 3 One Day In May, Creations by Melissa Grant
You can get a better idea of the added depth in this photo. Don't you think his fabric looks a feathery? He has a little fluffiness to him also, as I chose flannelette for the applique. My first choice was felted wool, but after some experimentation I felt the flannelette gave me a better result.

Dimensional Bird Applique 2 One Day In May, Creations by Melissa Grant
There is another similar panel already designed and ready to stitch... I'll show you when it's finished. I have collected these fabrics together for some inspiration, hoping they'll give me some direction as to what to create with these fluffy, little birds! My first thoughts were to make a patchwork scarf... but now I'm not so sure. Decisions, decisions.
On a very exciting note... One Day In May designs took flight in their own way this month ~ winging their way to International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, USA!!! So exciting!!! Helen Stubbings, of Pattern Press and Hugs 'n Kisses fame, has just returned home from market, where she showcased the creations and patterns of Hugs 'n Kisses and some other Aussie designers!! I feel so fortunate to have had "One Day In May" designs in the mix. Fortunately, Helen took lots of photos so we can all see...

One Day In May on the Pattern Press stand at International Quilt Market 2
Can you spot the "One Day In May" designs on the right? I'm a little envious that I'm not at market with them...

One Day In May on the Pattern Press stand at International Quilt Market 3
Excuse my indulgence, but here are my patterns hanging together with those of other Pattern Press designers... Can you tell just how excited I am?

One Day In May on the Pattern Press stand at International Quilt Market 4

Would you like to know a secret?? I'm joining in the Sew Mama Sew! giveaway tomorrow.... shhh don't tell anyone. But, if you'd like to win a One Day In May pattern, make sure you come back tomorrow to enter!!

Until then,

Melissa  x


Giveaway winners and Stitching notions from a different time...

Sometimes it can be hard to set specific time aside for things that aren't on the to do list. How quickly the weeks fill up with the "necessary"... work, cooking, supermarket trips, school runs. I tend to worry so much about the deadlines and schedules I give myself. When looking back over the weeks however, I miss the little things that there "hasn't been time for". I end up feeling grumpy, a bit isolated and uninspired.

Lately, I've begun extending the school runs (school is a 30 minute drive from home) to include those special things that I miss. Coffee and cake with my husband, driving the long way to school through the beautiful Dandenong ranges and a few fleeting trips to some favourite antique stores. 

There isn't much left of the coffee and cake to show you.... BUT I can show you some very affordable treasures I found! 

Some vintage button goodness... jut 50 cents each!!!

Vintage buttons

A bag of 70!!!! vintage cotton reels for $20. The thread is so very different to what you find now. The sheen is just beautiful... and the colours are so soft and subdued. Many have lost their labels over time. But, look at the tiny reel in the front with the "for buttons" label. It's just 2 1/2 cm tall!

Vintage threadVintage thread for buttons

I found this bone handled tracing wheel. I know they were used for tracing patterns, but I'm not sure I know exactly how. Was carbon paper or other similar paper involved? 

Vintage tracing wheel
Note the "By appointment - Hook & Eye makers to H.M. The Queen & Queen Mary" on the packaging below. Love it!!

Vintage hooks and eyes
I love this card of hosiery darning thread... not because it's pretty, but because it speaks of a generation. The era of "nylons"!! Not so long ago, stockings were an essential part of a lady's attire. And what an expense they were... particularly in war time. Mending the inevitable ladders, runs and holes would have been a necessary skill to have.

Vintage hosiery darning thread
This tiny little matchbox was such a surprise. Apparantly it held wax matches. The kind you can strike against your shoe. I didn't expect it to fit into the "vintage haberdashery" category. But, when I opened the lid, look what I found. Beautiful black dress beads!! I can just imagine this little box in someones sewing basket. I would love to know how old they are. I've tried to find some information about the age of the box... to no avail.

Vintage derby match box with beads
I feel like each time I discover one of these treasures, I get to take a little glimpse into history... the way people lived, the era they lived in, the kind of sewing they needed to do, the notions that were available to them and the colours they were sewing with. I consider "stitching" such a big part of my life. It's such a privilege to be able to take a little peek into history and see someones "stitching life" from that time.

Now... a little business to take care of!
By the time the pattern writing process comes to an end, it can feel like my newest design has been around forever. After editing, re-editing and repeatedly checking measurements, it just doesn't feel fresh anymore. A pattern launch, however, takes care of all that. To see everyones' first impressions of a design makes it all feel brand new again. My "As Roses Bloom" pattern giveaway has received some lovely comments. Thank you all for your kind encouragement and taking the time to enter...

Without further ado, the winners are

 Linda said:

Congratulations on the finish, it's always so rewarding to be able to stand back and see the end result of all that hard work. Just stunningly beautiful designs, thanks for the chance.

kaholly said:

It's been fun watching this new pattern grow and come to fruition. Congratulations. The cover is beautiful, the pattern sublime. You are so very talented. I should think you'll do well with your new patterns as they are just different enough to stand out among the crowd!! Stand up and take a bow!! ~karen

Congratulations to Linda and Karen!! I'll contact you shortly for your postal address. I hope you enjoy creating your own "As Roses Bloom" cushion or quilt. I would love to see the finished result.

I hope you are able to do something special today... think I'll try and fit in a walk along the creek tomorrow.


Melissa  x

May Day winners and a little vintage show and tell...

Thank you to everyone who participated in my little May Day giveaway...
As always, you've been incredibly kind with your generous comments. So I'm very glad to be able to give a little back to you... in a "broochy kind of way".

May Day giveaway winners
One winner has been chosen from the comments left on the May Day giveaway post.

The second winner has been chosen from the comments left on facebook regarding the giveaway. (A combination of comments left on the brooch photo, link to the blog post and those from new facebook followers regarding the giveaway. (I felt this was the most fair way)

After swirling everyone's names around in this sweet dragonfly dish, the winners were drawn...
May Day giveaway winners names

CONGRATULATIONS TINA and CHRISTINE!!! You will both receive a completed Waterlily Dreaming ~ brooch, as pictured above. I will message or email you shortly for your address.

Don't despair, if you didn't win this time around. I still have a giveaway up and running over HERE... for 2 "As Roses Bloom" patterns. Pop on over if you'd like to enter.

Recently, we took a little trip into the city to one of my favourite places, l'uccello. I adore browsing through the vintage haberdashery and other treasures. As my husband had taken me to l'uccello especially for my birthday, I was in the very fortunate position of choosing some gorgeous vintage gifts. My haberdashery collecting is quite a new venture, so I was pretty excited, I can tell you!!

L'uccello finds1
I'm planning on framing this pretty card of French press-studs... L'uccello finds2

Except for the 2 on the bottom left... all of the above buttons are glass! Some from the 1930's. The 2 sets at the top are actually a soft pink in reality... I wish you could see just how gorgeous they truly are! I plan on using a few for an upcoming design.

L'uccello finds3
And how I love this little set of needles! I'm feeling very spoilt indeed. Lovely birthday treats for a stitcher.

Until next time,

Melissa  x

A little May Day giveaway...

Being the 1st of May (One Day In May)... I thought it more than appropriate to have an extra special giveaway.

I have received such encouragement and support, since beginning One Day In May late last year... can't tell you how much it's meant to me. I would love to show my appreciation and create a Waterlily Dreaming ~ Brooch for one of you.

Waterlily Dreaming Brooch ~ Dusty Red for auction

Your brooch will look just like this one... I love this fabric combination and have just enough left for two more brooches.

What was that? Did I say two?

You read correctly! I'm running an extra giveaway for a second brooch on the One Day In May facebook page.... especially for my facebook followers. So, pop on over for a visit . Leave a comment here on the blog AND over at facebook for two chances to win.


Entries close in just a little more than 24 hours (midnight May 2nd)... so get your skates on. Both winners will be drawn May 3rd

Check over here, to enter my "As Roses Bloom" pattern giveaway. What an exciting week its been!

Busily stitching brooches,

Melissa  x

Ps. If anyone has any trouble posting a comment, please email me (see top left under my photo) and I will put your entry in for you. : )