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"Sharing the love..." OR "The winners are..."

Happy Valentine's to you  x

Valentine's cherub

Thank you all so much for the comments you have left regarding my "Waterlily Dreaming" needle-keep and brooch pattern release. To read them has been truly encouraging and has brightened many a moment.

The drawing of the winners was extremely technical...mmmm, well as technical as I could muster.

Giveaway draw 1 
All 25 comments were printed, cut and folded... swirled around in this little    "lily-pond"... and the winners were drawn!

Giveaway draw 2
Karen and Kirsten have both won a "Waterlily Dreaming - Needle Keep" pattern.

Giveaway draw 3 
Helen Stitt and Julie C have each won a "Waterlily Dreaming - Brooch" pattern.

Congratulations to you!! I will email you shortly, for your "snail mail" address. This was so much fun, can't wait for the next giveaway. I'm also really looking forward to seeing your versions of "Waterlily Dreaming"!

I found this little Valentine's postcard online today... just had to share her pouty little face with you. (Just to make it clear... this ISN'T what I consider romantic... BUT I do love that sideways look!)Funny valentine's 
Until next time,

HeartsMelissa  X

A postcard arrived for you today...

One Day In May giveaway letter box 
Please visit THIS POST and leave a comment, for you chance to win one of my "Waterlily Dreaming" patterns.

There will be four winners, so the odds for you receiving "real One Day In May mail" are pretty good.

Don't be bashful... leave a little comment : )

Entries close at midnight February 13th and winners will be drawn on February 14th.

Have a wonderful weekend... Melissa  x

Forget text messages...

I never thought I would be a collector of anything, but I have found a new love...

Romantic tokens 
I've spent many an hour in recent weeks, browsing through the huge array of vintage postcards available on etsy and other sites. The above are a few which I have come across. I find them so inspiring. I love the rich colours, the detail of the artwork, the fonts that are used and the embossing which enhances everything!

A little while back I received a lovely little parcel in the mail from Graeme of Jetsam and Juniper. Don't you just love the name? So with just four vintage cards, my very own postcard collection has begun!!

Postcards from Jetsam and Juniper etsy shop 
This "1911" postcard cheekily featured in my "New Year's" post, as I had only just ordered it!

Postcards from Jetsam and Juniper etsy shop2 
The reverse side is always gorgeous too... see the embossing?  It's like seeing a little snippet of history, where it was posted, the names of the sender and recipient and where it was printed.

 Backs of postcards
As convenient as text messages and emails are... I think we're missing out ladies!!! Wouldn't you just love to find one of these pretties in your letter box? I for one, would love to see the return of this tradition... the sending and receiving of little tokens of affection, to be kept as keepsakes and passed down the generations.

Your old chum 
Melissa  x


PS. Did you know there is a "One Day In May" facebook page. To receive notification of new blog posts and other snippets of my daily musings in your facebook news feed... visit HERE and click the "like" button.


Needlepoint treasures...

Between the ages of 19 and about 24, I worked at the Eaglehawk branch of the State Bank of Victoria/Commonwealth Bank. Eaglehawk is a suburb of Bendigo, in Central Victoria. I can't say that I loved being a bank teller. But I did truly love speaking to the regulars on pension day. It is amazing just how much one can fit into fortnightly, five minute conversations at the bank.

One pension day, one of the regulars told me he was moving out of his home and moving in with his daughter. He had been quite saddened, sorting through his belongings and memories, as he prepared to leave the home where he had spent his entire married life.

Much to my surprise, he had remembered that I was a stitcher. He explained that he had brought me a gift, something he wanted to pass on to someone who understood. His late wife had needlepointed these in her early teens. I think it may have been a school assignment. He said he couldn't bear to throw them out and thought I would appreciate them.

Needlepoint treasure 
Well I absolutely do. Such a precious thing to receive and be trusted with.

Needlepoint treasure2 
I wish I knew exactly when and where they had been stitched. Judging by the age of "my banking friend" and thinking about when his wife may have been at school... I think it may have been in the 1920's or just after.

I often think about the colours. Wondering if this combination of colours is due to choice or a matter of what was available. I have seen similar "bright" needlepoints, often in frames, in op-shops and the like. So maybe it was the style of the day. I would love to know.

I've noticed the drawing pin indents in the corners. Do you think these pieces have been "blocked" already, without success? Sometimes I've thought about blocking them myself to "fix" the fabric distortion. But, the dampening process may cause the colour to run... so I think I will leave them alone, and continue to love them just as they are.

Until next time,

Melissa  x

Enjoying the "stash enhancement"...

Sometimes putting together a blog post can be a little challenging. It can be hard to get the photos/lighting right. There are days when the words just won't come together. BUT today I have an assistant.

Evie enjoying my stash enhancement purchase 
She simply cannot resist a paper bag! Mmmm, you can see her making plans for that thread. Pretty sure they're not thoughts of the "designing" variety.

So, I thought she'd be satsisfied with the bag for a while and set to laying out the threads for a photo. Now where did I put that camera? (I had to take this pic on the phone, obviously)

Not sure this is particularly helpful in the "post writing".

 Camera love 

I don't think I've ever seen a camera used as a pillow before. I swear this cat will sleep on anything!! She's got such a funny little flat face (kinda squished looking really). Occasionally her little chin sticks out when she rests on things, which makes me laugh.

So, I did eventually get some photos of the yummy fabrics and threads I found on my visit to The Patchwork Teahouse yesterday. I had a great time choosing these fabrics with Libby. I intend to split them up for 2 different projects, but I just love the way they all look together. Maybe there will be enough left over for a third project. I hope so.

Stash enhancement 
Well it's no secret that I adore Cottage Garden Threads... it's just so hard to choose. You just never know what you'll need and when, so I've chosen my favourites for "stash enhancement" purposes. I love to just lay them out, admire the colour combinations and dream of how I will use them.

Look at these subtle softies...

Cottage Garden Threads- stranded softies 
I'm drooling again... and these bright beauties are divine.

Cottage Garden Threads - stranded brights 
I've just spied a new red on the Cottage Garden Threads blog, especially designed for Hug 'n' Kisses. Guess what? We get to enjoy this new colour too. Although I do think I've enhanced my thread stash quite enough for this week. 

Until next time,

Melissa  x


A trip to the Teahouse...

Today I took a little roadtrip to Warburton... the rolling hills and forests were a beautiful rich green in the morning drizzle. And the glimpses of the Yarra River from the road were just gorgeous... but rolling hill and river gazing will have to wait for another day.

Instead, my good friend Libby Richardson (of Artsmart Craft Cottage) and I spent the day gazing at other gorgeous things located in Warburton.

The Patchwork Teahouse1 

Beautiful fabrics, a huge abundance of trims, threads, notions and scones with jam and cream!! All found in a beautiful shop called The Patchwork Teahouse.

 The Patchwork Teahouse3
The Patchwork Teahouse2 
Libby and I had a wonderful day here...

We arrived for morning tea (which was an indulgent serving of warm scones. YUM!) and planned to just stay for a quick chat. But leave we could not... We met some lovely ladies, who had come from far and wide to shop. They were just lovely to talk with. Then we were caught up browsing through the huge array of patterns and quilting "must haves". Ooooh and the fabric and threads were too gorgeous to leave behind. I'll show you "the additions to my stash" tomorrow.

Before we knew it, we were dining on a scrumptious late lunch and didn't leave until 3 o'clock! Now that's what I call a good visit to a patchwork store!!

If you're in the Warburton area sometime, do drop in for a cuppa and a browse. You'll find many treasures and very friendly faces...

The Patchwork Teahouse4 
Marilyn will also be stocking my patterns very soon, so you'll find her over in my Pattern Stockists list on the left.

You can find The Patchwork Teahouse here and at...

3305 Warburton Hwy Warburton Vic 3799

Phone: 03 5966 2400

Would you like to get a first glimpse at one of Libby Richardson's new designs? (also available at The Patchwork Teahouse) Just about to be released,      "Polly and Friends" is perfect for the little girl in your life.

Polly and Friends by Libby Richardson of Artsmart Craft Cottage 
 These little girls remind me so much of the Sarah Kay swapcards I collected as a little girl... oh how I loved to flick through my cards, sorting and dreaming of the ones I still "needed".

Polly and Friends closeup by Libby Richardson of Artsmart Craft Cottage 
Did you notice their hair? (click on the photo for a closer look) These sweeties have REAL PLAITS!! Can you believe it? As an optional extra, there are full colour stitchery panels available for "Polly and Friends". 
So, no tracing or handpainting required if you like a shortcut or two. You can just pick up your needle and get stitching. The colours of these prints are so soft and pretty... hard to pass up. If you would like to paint, Libby often teaches fabric painting in various locations, including The Patchwork Teahouse.
Libby Richardson of Artsmart Craft Cottage 
I hope your day was filled with friends, scones and fabric too.

Until next time...

Melissa  x

PS. Did you enter my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY yet? See the previous post for your chance to win one of my Waterlily Dreaming patterns.

PSS. I would like to thank all of you who have left comments in recent days. Your encouragment and kind words mean more than I can say :)