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Welcome to "One Day In May".

My name is Melissa Grant. I live in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria with my husband and two teenagers.
In the early 1990’s, inspired by a love of sewing notions and a need to help support my young family, I pioneered a range of handcrafted, porcelain buttons. To my surprise they were quickly adopted by patchwork and stitching enthusiasts. A whole new world was suddenly opened up to me, with opportunities to exhibit at craft shows and to create for Handmade and Homespun magazines. It was a wonderful decade of adventure that grew to an unexpected level of enjoyment and success.
I no longer work with buttons, but using my hands, imagination and a little time to “create”, is something that I seem to be magnetically drawn to. I unintentionally find inspiration everywhere... and my insatiable need to play and create never lets up.
In 2010, I began work on an exciting new range of needlework patterns under the name of “One Day In May”, Creations by Melissa Grant. “One Day In May” promises to be an exciting journey. I look forward to following my creative heart, and seeing where it leads me.

Melissa x