She's here! Introducing our little Hannah...
A new pattern release ~ The Joy of Christmas

Just a little bit of sewing...

After dropping in on the girls at the "Stitch In" held in Warburton by The Patchwork Teahouse today, I had the itch to stitch this evening...

A very small project, mind you. Just a scrap of soft and pretty fabric (from the range "Life is Beautiful" by Helen Stubbings of Hugs 'n Kisses) and a piece of leftover elastic. 15 minutes later and Hannah has a little headband.

I don't think my model is necessarily a willing one. She was just caught at a vulnerable moment. : )

Hannah's headband

I have to say Hannah had a very big day. And, she carried herself beautifully at the "Stitch In". She slept through the happy stitching chatter of 120 ladies, had lovely cuddles with Gail, Libby, Jennifer, Marilyn, Liz and Jo... and tolerated the drive to Warburton and home again without a peep, bless her!

PS. It was so lovely to receive the many emails and blog comments welcoming our little girl into the world.
Thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to comment and for your congratulations and well wishes. xxx